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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How I Organize My Watercolor Pencils

I went to Michael's a couple weeks ago and they had some of their watercolor pencils on sale for 49 cents each!!!  Excellent deal so naturally I had to have one of every color, even though I already had PLENTY!

I took this picture to show how hard it is to tell what color some of the pencils are...unfortunately you really can tell the color because the light is good.  BUT, at night, when I am trying to find a navy pencil I can not tell which is which!! 

 SO, I came up with my own little system...  I glue a puffed star on the end that has been colored with that pencil.  Now I don't have to even hesitate when picking a pencil!  This was the beginnings of the effort.... I now have three cans full...sorted by color.  I'll get a picture of that eventually but right now they are still "bean cans" ... nothing special, just extremely functional.

I did a video but it really is pretty intuitive so you may not want to waste your time...I do tend to rattle on and on...

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