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Monday, June 6, 2011

Two New Toys

I got two new toys!

Number one: 
My niece, Mattie, put this on her "WANT IT" board on Pinterest so I thought I would try and get it for her.  

Weeeeel.... I couldn't find it!...on the link that it came from, or from the company on the handle!!!  I called them directly and they said they DON'T MAKE IT!!!  Huh?

So, you can imagine my delight when I found this one today at Joanne's!  AND, I got it 40% using a Michael's coupon since Joanne's will take anybody's coupon.... I think it ended up being around $13.  Not horrible.  The only down side is that it has fewer letters across so you would need to stamp more than once if your phase/name was more than eight characters.

They make it for stamping clay but it works with ink as well.

Toy number TWO
Last Friday I decided that I need a really large coil for the "My Stash" journal I'm giving my friend so I gave Bonnie a call at www.BonniesBest.com.  It is an online company but Bonnie is local so I always go see what new gadgets she has for sell.  She carries things that you can't get ANYWHERE else!    Well, this time I was shocked to find out that she actually has a REAL store, no more  going down into her basement for supplies!  CONGRATULATIONS BONNIE!!!  I'm embarrassed to say that she has been in the "new" store for FOUR YEARS!  I can't believe I have resisted shopping that long! 

Listen, if you have never been to www.BonniesBest.com you really need to check it out!  Not only does she sell things that you can only get from her... she has TONS other stuff too, like ALL of the Tim Holtz products .... 

And that brings me to my new little toy.  Tim Holtz has a little tool made for applying his tissue tape:

My first question to Bonnie was will a regular roll of tape work in it?  AND IT DOES!  YES!  TOO cute!  I am such a sucker for cute little things made like big things.... this works like a large tape thingy for boxes.  (like the above picture on the right)  Now, I'm not saying it is a practical purchase...BUT...it is so darn cute!

Listen, it is such a good thing that we spent most of the 2.5 hours "catching up" because I am looking back on her website now and seeing that I could have spent WAY WAY more than the $100+ that I did spend!  (I don't know....do they let you take out a THIRD mortgage on your house???)  OUCH!  The good news is that does include the  $0.79 coil I went after!

What is your latest new toy?  Please share...

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