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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Word Search Cards

I have a FREEBIE for you today.  It is a single print with two different cards on it.  They are pretty much the same but one is a "Thank You" Word Search and the other is for a "Birthday" Word Search.  You have the choice of either finding and circling the words yourself or leave them for the receiver to find.

Your file is slightly different because my PC crashed before I could get the one I printed saved! AND, I couldn't find the actual software I used to create it again, I had to use a different one.  You can do a
"Right Click/Save Image As" to get the following.

OR, just use this one and create your own list because the ones I did may not fit your needs.  

This is the list of all words that can actually be found:

Happy Birthday

You are the best

I love you
Thanks So MuchCongratulationsHappy New Year
Thank YouOver the HillWish You Were Here
I Miss YouTo Infinity and BeyondI Love You Too Much
I Love You More

OR, go HERE and create your own.


OH!  and this week's favorite from "The Voice"

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