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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Voice

I don't have regular tv anymore so I just started watching "The Voice" on Hulu this week. It is all there so you can watch every show from the beginning. I love it WAY better than American Idol! Don't love everything about it (the judges get a little tacky at times) but it is so much fun to watch some of the kids sing. My absolute favorite is this painfully shy, little 16 year old girl. I LOVE HER VOICE!!! So different. (sorry about the commercials..its the price of admissions with Hulu)

The audition:

Her first "live" song...wow the change in looks: (WARNING, this song will play in your head all day long!)

Anybody else loving that show? favorites?

Well heck, since Christina Aguilera one of the judges I might as well include this...one of my favorites from Burlesque. I love her big voice.

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