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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

But, I WANT it!

MAN!  I have been trying to load these pictures ALL DAY but Blogger has been down!!!  But, all is good again so YAY!

OK, one of the bad things about Pinterest is that you see things that you never knew you just HAD to have!  It is THE missing thing in your life (just kidding, but I do come away wanting lots of things)  I have already gotten a sugar cookie stamper, and a Popsicle maker and a Mini-Moon Pie maker.... And today's gotta have is this:

Glitter (salt) shakers! YES I WANT IT!!!

The idea originally came from Crafty Storage.com .  Heck, just the name of that site makes me want to spend hours there!  It is one that we all need to "follow"....I know I am now.  Anyway, Shirley got it from Targets and naturally, when I did an online search for it, they didn't show it listed.  BUT, I was able to find this one at Amazon....close enough.  

grocery store today...geeeesh.... need I say more?   And that's why we have wish lists, right?AND I WANT IT!!!  Well, several actually because I LOVE GLITTER and have tons of colors that need their own little shaker :-)  ... but, this one will have to go onto a Wishlist for the future... I went to the g

another thing I think is too clever...why didn't I think of these?! Sold at 2 Peas in a Bucket... but any charm will work!


  1. Hey we just bought a vinegar pourer at our Real Canadian whole sale. They did have the cutest little salt and pepper shakers...at 2 for 1.00.
    With out the holder, but I know you are resourceful. They looked just like that.!!!

  2. Ya know.... you are probably right, I need to be doing something with all these boxes I have around here! There is a store about 2 miles from me that has the little shakers ... don't remember the price. I'll check it out tomorrow. Just today I brought home a box that the tuna fish that I bought was in because it looked like something I could use. MERCY!!! Now I'm bringing store TRASH home!...Like I don't make enough on my own! BUT, you will be seeing it on your friendly neighborhood blog soon :-)

    Thanks for the challenge... I'll try to make something so cute you'll want to rush out and get your own glitter shakers!

  3. I can't believe it! I found one exactly like the small set on Amazon for $8! At the Big Lots, Ole Time Pottery didn't have them anymore. So, YES INDEEDY I did get one...just one to see if I am going to really like it.


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