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Monday, February 21, 2011

Printing on Fabric

If you want to print onto fabric there is no need for all that expensive "printable" fabric!  Most any tight weave fabric can be used....I'm just not really sure how thick it can be... I've tried some that I thought for sure would not make it ... but it did :-)  ... All you will need is something to make the fabric stiff enough to go through the printer...There are some products that are made just for that purpose, but I just use what I have TONS of and that is full sheet label paper.  (I have also used freezer paper that I ironed onto the back of the fabric then cut that to a size that would fit in the printer.)

  1. Pull the back protective paper off of the "label" and stick the "label" down on the fabric.  
  2. Cut the fabric out around the full sheet so that you now have an 8.5"x11" piece of fabric ready for printing.
  3. Print using normal settings on an ink jet printer. (BUT do it at your own risk!  It works on my Kodak printer, but I'm not guaranteeing anything!)
  4. Take the label paper off.
If you are going to appliqué it onto something (that doesn't need washing, because I'm not certain how well it will wash) 
  1. Iron something like "Stitch-Witchery" onto the back of the printed fabric
  2. Cut the design out if that's the look you are going for.
  3. Peal backing of "Stitch-Witchery" off
  4. Iron the design down onto whatever you are using 
  5. Machine Zig-Zag around the edge of the design.
Here is something that I printed last night then added to a canvas bag that I had lying around:

I used a silhouette .jpg  that I created last year using this original of Kamryn, my little niece:

Pretty cool huh? :-)  I just LOVE that picture of her!

I then added a FREE frame from "The Graphics Fairy".  

If you want to read the whole "WELL DUH!"  silhouette creation story it is HERE.  I wrote it last year on a different blog. My "watching Nancy learn blog" (that was a fun one for sure!)

P.S.  I usually get my label paper HERE at Online Labels.com.

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