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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zentangle ???

OK, so where have I been the last two years!!!  I can not believe that there is an "art" out there that I haven't had a CLUE about!  It is called Zentangle and TONS of people are doing it!  To the left is a VERY, VERY PITIFUL, 10 minute to make, example of what I'm talking about.  But, in all fairness to me, I had an idea and picked up a PEN to try and draw a prototype of the idea!!!  I AM NOT an artist, so we are talking boldness here!  Kinda hard to tell but the black part was suppose to look like a zipper...kinda hard to show when everything is black on the zipper.  Anyway, you get the point...
The zentangle part is all the stuff below the heart, if you google the word you can see REAL ART!  I'll get better one day because it really takes no talent, its just doodling!  I LOVE the look of it!  Probably because 99% of all pieces is totally black and white..my favorite. Below are a few books that might help you doodle:

. .


  1. I saw it as a zipper right away! Pretty impressive for a few minutes' doodling!



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