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Thursday, April 21, 2011

EVEN MORE OFF at Lettering Delights!

OK, so if making almost everything $1 each is not enough, this week Lettering Delights is giving us $10 off a purchase of $25!!  A-MAZING!  the promo code is "EasterBasket".  So, doing the math, you can get around $100 (normally $4 each) worth of product for $25 (on sale for $1) less $10 = $15!!!  $100 down to $15!!  A-mazing!

I went shopping last night and before I knew it I had $56 worth in my cart! (thats at $1 each!)  soooo... gotta start over and buy twice :-) 

Click on the link just below the header of this page .^ ^ ^ ^ up there ^ ^ ^  

Here is something I threw together last night ... and I'm serious, I threw it together because I had to hurry and beat the midnight deadline for their contest... the prize is a Silhouette.  

Anyway, I thought it would be a cute gift-bag for a teacher. (I looked for a brown paper bag here in the house but didn't find it so I had to go with muslin)

I can not tell a lie, it is temporary, I printed it on label paper and just stuck it down to the fabric... I'm telling ya, I was in a hurry!

The little girl is from "Around the World"
The chalk board is "Chalk Talk" (no longer available...but, thankfully, I could still use it because they stored it for me.  If I had to do it from scratch I would build a chalk board and then use the "LD Chalk Font" with it... actually, I will build that chalk board and make it as a FREEBIE later tonight (I have a job being a "camera man" at a church tonight so I have to leave here in 5 minutes!

OK!  I'm back from church...

Here is your FREEBIE chalk board: (just right click on it then "save image as".

Here is an example of how to use it:

For those of you who are not old as me... schools use to use green chalk boards with white, or yellow, chalk.  They are probably all white boards now!  I use the "LD Chalk Font" for the text and just layered it over the board.  It is watermarked because I haven't paid for it yet...I want to shop some more before I buy it (and I will)... I just wanted to get this post finished.

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