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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Moon and My Camera

Last week I was describing to some friends a video on YouTube that someone made zooming in on the moon using the same camera I have ... They asked me if I had ever done the same thing and I told them no, I have too many trees around my house, I never even see the moon. Well tonight I was sitting at my PC and looked out my window and there it was!  THE MOON!  So I grabbed my camera and started taking stills....no way I could take a video, I kept losing the moon!  It is REALLY hard to stay on an object without a tripod I'm here to tell ya!  

Anyway, here you go....from this....

The camera does auto focus, all I do is aim, zoom (no lens change) and click.  It was having a hard time knowing what to focus on (ok, it was that, and I had a hard time holding it still!) but I wanted to show the steps of zooming... and, I like seeing it through the trees

Cool!  If you only knew how high up these pine needles are!  I LOVE THIS CAMERA!... just pretend I was trying to get the pine needles and not the moon :-)

Do you see "the man"?  I heard that term my whole life and never had a clue there really was a man!!!  See two eyes, a nose and a big open mouth? (he's at the top, looking up)... Go figure!

to this..... Check it out!  Do you see those craters!!!  AMAZING!

I show what camera I am using in the column to the right >>>> 

I leave that there because I ALWAYS want to know what camera a person is using!


  1. WOW NASA's Got nothing on you.
    OKAY I am officially green with moon envy.
    I spend a goodly part of the springs and summers not to mention fall trying to chase down a good moon photo LOL
    Well Done Indeed

  2. I KNOW!!! Isn't that AMAZING!?! I was so goofy, I left right after these were taken to go to the movie and I tried to take more pictures at every red light! SICK! Not one of those came out :-) And THAT's why professional photographers take so many...only a few are worth keeping!


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