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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Letter Ideas



>>>  Do it yourself the easy way, just type!

And, this afternoon I played with some letters...just trying to get a good Uppercase letter...here is what I came up with... different options and of course I can change the "filler" for each depending on what I'm doing because I like some better than others.
A couple of weeks ago I did a mailing and used these drawings for the address on the envelopes.  The address was tucked in under the last part of the name.  Some have "flowers", some don't ... I used those where it made some sense to me because of the white space and how far I had already gotten with the name.  If your name is here you are welcome to save it if you want.

edit date 5/28
I now have a version of this font available in True Type Format!  Just type it!

WHOOHOO!!!  I am SO EXCITED!  I made my Journaling font into a True Type Font!!!  So I FINALLY have something to sell!  AND anyone can have a fun font!  CHECK IT OUT!!!

Because it is TT you load it onto your PC just like any other font, and use it the same way!  However, there are a few things you need to know... see below

The caps are designed so that the lower case will fit snuggly "in" them, in the middle.  They are NOT created to use "TOGETHER" in a word, some may overlap if you try.  If you have software to move letters around that would work though.


NOT This:
But, sometimes you get lucky and they don't look bad together:
All are "see through" so you can make other items appear to be behind the letters. Or, said another way...where you see clear, it is actually transparent

They look really great and somewhat 3D if a shaddow is added either by hand once printed or with a second gray layer of the same text behind the original...slightly offset.

 PLEASE share the link with everyone you think might like it!  I will have to email the file to you so please give me 24 hour turnaround.  I will send ASAP, I promise!  


  1. Love 'em! Makes me want to stop what I have to do and go play.

  2. THANKS Zanetta!!! I know exactly what you mean...the only difference is, I tend to actually stop everything and go play...BAD ME!

    I tell what I have done... I bought a small bound bristol pad... and "kitted" up all my necessary pencils/pens/erasers and take them EVERYWHERE I go now so that if there is just a moment of time, I sit and doodle to my hearts content...

    I am making address labels right now for a "followers" mail out using the above font so I'm getting practice and tell myself it is "important work" :-) HA! I cut up full sheets of label paper into quarters so they are easy to grab and "play". Much less intimidating that a full sheet! I have no clue what I'm mailing but the labels will be ready when I figure something out!

  3. I love that you take your goodies with you to work on. Keep smiling and creating, that alphabet is gorgeous!!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Awwwww...thanks Anonymous! It was fun to draw!

  6. Wow this is sooo neat!!! Is it something I print out or can I embroider it? Did you draw each one of these? Sorry I am clueless but it is a gorgeous font!!!

  7. Hi Tori, If you buy the TTF then you should be able to convert it to stitches, I know I can. You mentioned getting a machine like mine so you should be able to as well. You can use it like any other TTF... I can/do use it on my vinyl cutter, sewing machine, or just plain ole printing :-)... I'll write a separate email about the machine.

  8. Sorry! Didn't answer all your questions...I did draw each one... I had to modify each a bit when I converted it to TTF because I had A LOT of little spaces in each letter and the software fussed a bit :-) Like the flowers are not on the TTF, they were drawn after printing.

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  10. I am interested in purchasing your font but the copyright info is not listed. Can you tell me how I can and can't use your font? Thanks!

  11. Nancy,
    YOU are SO gifted and I was so inspired by looking at what you've created! Congratulations and may your business flourish!


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