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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Get Rid of Ants!

That's right, ants!  You just never know what you might learn here, right?

Well, I took a picture so I have to share it somewhere!

For some reason??? The ants are coming into my house by the millions!!!  Or so it seems anyway.  I am actually fascinated by the little guys and I wouldn't kill them if there weren't so many... and they bite!

SO, I mixed up a batch of honey and Borax, spread it on a few pieces of paper and laid them across the closest point of entry, across the intra-room highway they have going through my house! Seriously!  It looked like my carpet was moving.  It was so funny!  They lined up to that smear of honey like pigs to a trough!...shoulder to shoulder.

By the next day the traffic had all but stopped!  I am leaving it there for the stragglers but they pretty much stop at the paper, load up then go back out to the nest where I hope they are sharing with each other.

I don't know the exact formula because I just made it up...but I guess I put about 1 part of honey to 1 part of Borax (old fashion powder detergent), I got mine at Kroger... kinda hard to find because it is the only box by the 20 Mule Company on the shelf...amongst all that Tide and Clorox and other brands...I found it on the outer edge of all the detergent on the top shelf.

No, I didn't come up with the idea myself...not that smart...but I did adapt a technique from an idea from HERE, because I AM THAT LAZY!   Be sure and check it out, especially if you have fruit fly problems!  I don't right now so I can't demonstrate.

Now that the lion-share is gone, I am putting some of those bottle caps to use!  I am putting the honey mixture in the tops and putting them next to the entry points...that way I won't accidentally step of a NASTY sheet of paper! UGH!!

Is Borax Safe?
The Passionate Homemaking site also answers that question.  HERE.
I personally would NOT take any chances if I had a pet that would also want to lick it up!!!  Unless you can put it inside a cabinet or some place safe.

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  1. I used borax with strawberry preserves and it worked great also. Took about a week to kill all of them. Wouldn't you know it though, they are back 11 months later. I think I'll try the honey this time. Thanks. You didn't mention that this is toxic to aniamls, so I'm throwing that in for safety reasons.


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