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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Known Pinterest Trick


If you want to "pin" something on a site.  Select some descriptive text (like the title), then click on "Pin It" on the menu bar and the text that you selected will already be populated in the description field...no copying, no pasting required!   I LOVE THAT!  because typing something there is my least favorite thing to do!

* * * It doesn't work with the embedded "Pin It" buttons because the blog owner has already populated the description for you.

 Hope all is well in your world!  Have a great rest of it!
N. Pin It


  1. Wow thanks for sharing that tip. I pinned it.

  2. You're welcome Carla! I know I was TOO EXCITED when I discovered!! And wondered why they don't tell you stuff like that? I really wish they had some kind of user forum to share with folks.... ???...so, I made a pin-able

  3. Great tip! Actually I think I was doing it already because sometimes the description would fill in by itself! :^) Patsy from

  4. Thank you for that valuable tip! Love it!


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