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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wafer Die Storage (Part 2)

I just wanted to give a quick update to Tuesday's post: 

Tuesday I said:
----------------OU! OU!  I just found (and ordered) larger clear case CD holders...the size of DVD cases - 7 1/2 " long by 5 1/2" wide...  They should be just what I need for the extra long dies from Cheery Lynn.  I am showing you the Amazon version below just for the picture, but DON'T buy from Amazon... go directly to the online store because shipping is MUCH MUCH cheaper buying direct.  That and you aren't forced to buy 10 at a time, you can buy as few as 1 if you want.  I bought 20 and shipping was $7.80.  If I had bought from Amazon shipping would have been $20!!!  From the same company!  That's not Amazon's fault, the company just doesn't offer combined shipping rates through Amazon. .... OOU!!!  Best part yet, I just got a notice that they have shipped already!  5 hours after order and they are on their way via FedEx!  YES!


I ordered the above directly from the company and got them THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!  I LOVE that kind of service!

I had hoped that the longer Cheery Lynn dies would fit straight up and down in the larger case, but they don't... I have to angle them every so slightly, but that's ok, I can still fit quiet a few in a single case. (all that I have, for sure)  I don't understand why they make some of the dies as long as they are ??? completely unnecessary.

And, because I knew I was only going to put the longer dies in the larger cases I decided to just run three lines of glue across the case (about 1" from top and bottom then right down the middle) ... PERFECT!...and so much quicker.  It is enough to hold the die tight but not so much that you feel like it will bend when you take it out.  PERFECT!
------------ One more thing, I just went back to Amazon and ordered something else (SHAME!)... I got a flip CD display holder thingy for easy die viewing.  It will be a little less portable but I'll just look for another box it will fit in and add a handle to that... COUNTRY REDNECK style :-)

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