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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wafer Die Storage - Using What I Already Have

Well, I am onto ANOTHER new thing.... Wafer Dies.  And I think I'm going to post all about it on this blog since my other active blog is about doodling and I want to continue with that there, for the most part.  My real final goal is to combine the two but in the meantime, I'll post here.

While using the Wafer Dies is somewhat new... it really isn't, I was buying wafer dies years ago, before they were so popular and the choices were really pitiful.  Naturally, I have no clue where all those dies ended up...so I have started a whole new collection....the fun part of any new craft :-)

To start things off I bought a new Cuttlebug V2.

I love it because it is so small and portable I can sit on the sofa, watch tv and cut to my hearts content...all my others are large, desk types.

Before you buy a bunch of extra stuff you don't need I want to share a couple of DON'Ts with you.

I love to read all the feedback on any product I am about to buy on Amazon. Unfortunately, this time I ended up buying an extra cutting plate that I DO NOT NEED!  Argh!  Apparently V1 had a cutting plate that V2 does not have.  So far, it was a complete waste of money.

Another complete waste of money is a storage thingy with magnetic sheets, (Artbin Magnetic Storage).  Thankfully I only bought one set of refill magnets to see how they work ... and they didn't!  The dies fell off with little or no prompting and I would have filled it up almost immediately.

So, MY answer to the whole storage problem was to use what I have already.

- The clear CD cases (I bought a bunch way back when I was storing rubber stamps)  I have the standard size, not the thin...I was going to order more and get the thin but I'm afraid that you couldn't use both the top and bottom for storage, it would be too thin...

 - "The Best Glue Ever" - a glue that stays super tacky after it is dried.  Just for the record, I don't agree that it is the best glue ever, but it is excellent if you want the stays tacky kind of glue.


I just applied the glue to both sides of the case in a polka dot pattern.  I don't know, I suppose I could have just drawn lines but something in my brain said dots were better ???  I think it makes it easier to take the dies out without a lot of effort and less risk of bending them  ???  You could always try both ways to see which you like best.

Let the glue dry completely before putting your dies in the case. (the glue dots will be completely clear)  You can see in the picture below that the dies stay in place and it is MUCH CHEAPER than magnetic sheets!

I also think that this glue is better than double sided tape because I have bought dies that use the double sided tape to hold them in place in the packaging and I had a hard time taking the tape off the die.  Then, if you don't get it all off it sticks to the cutting plates and bending becomes a problem again.

I don't know if I have mention this before but probably my most favorite crafting supply EVER would be my 8.5"x 11" label sheets.  I use them for EVERYTHING because you can cut any shape or size you want!  LOVE! LOVE! And that's what I used to label the CD cases. Cut in half down lengthwise then cut 1/4" strips...perfect!  The link is Online Labels, the best (spelled cheapest) source I have found.

OH! And they are in a cardboard box that I just happen to have, but I think they still make CD case holders.  ???  I don't know, as fast as technology changes it might be a good idea to get them while you can!

There are tons of solutions out there on the web and I may have to switch to something different when I buy A BUNCH more but so far this is the PERFECT solution for me because it is portable and I have easy access and easy clean up.

OU! OU!  I just found (and ordered) larger clear case CD holders...the size of DVD cases - 7 1/2 " long by 5 1/2" wide...  They should be just what I need for the extra long dies from Cheery Lynn.  I am showing you the Amazon version below just for the picture, but DON'T buy from Amazon... go directly to the online store because shipping is MUCH MUCH cheaper buying direct.  That and you aren't forced to buy 10 at a time, you can buy as few as 1 if you want.  I bought 20 and shipping was $7.80.  If I had bought from Amazon shipping would have been $20!!!  From the same company!  That's not Amazon's fault, the company just doesn't offer combined shipping rates through Amazon. .... OOU!!!  Best part yet, I just got a notice that they have shipped already!  5 hours after order and they are on their way via FedEx!  YES!


  1. I hadn'tt heard of this little cutter yet. Thanks for your 'Honest' opinion about what works and what doesn't. Love the DVD storage idea. I still have my die cutters in original packaging, which takes up a lot of room. I didn't want them bent. This sounds like the thing I need to do, thanks. Keep smiling and creating

  2. Hi FAIRY!!! Long, long time no talk! I kinda wanted to leave them in the package too but I wasn't happy having to flip through them to find what I wanted, I like seeing them....and putting the ones together that I will probably use together. Before you spend a lot of money why don't you test and see if you feel comfortable with how it works for you. Hope to "see you" more now that I plan on being more active here again.


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