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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi Everybody!  Well, I am now a "movie" acTOR!  HA!  I just found out today that my little nothing digital camera would indeed film a "How To" video!  GO FIGURE!  Really its more like a WELL DUH! but I just didn't know.  It was a LOT of trial and error at first but I finally got something that I'm just gonna go with, because I could be here WEEKS trying to get happy with it!

Things you learn when you tape yourself.... UGLY HANDS and ARMS!!!  OH MERCY!  And, the voice is kinda pitiful, but ya know what...... I have to go with what I have, no changing things now!

I really hope to get better with it so I can do more, practice! practice! practice!

Anyway, here is my first shot at it!  Well, ok, take 5 or 6 of my first go at it :-)

You can get the FREEBIE sheets HERE.

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