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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Staining Clothes Pins

Today's lesson is "How to Stain Clothes Pins". I know, just what you always wanted to know right?! Well, wait a minute, they really can be a cool, (cheap) gift if you think about it. Put a strip of magnet down one side and you have an instant refigerator magnet... Or, add a glue dot and you can hang a recipe from a cabinet door. Think about that one! Give a gift basket of muffins with the recipe card for the muffins and include a clothes pin magnet!

Here is a SU demonstrator's website that you can use to purchase refill inks.  Her name is Linda, I've never met her but she has been very helpful to me, so let's help her out! 

Here is a link that gives: 11 New Ways to Use Laundry Clothespins


  1. i love these!!! i get to hear your voice that i miss!!!
    love you. great videos. keep em comin

  2. I love wooden clothes pegs for everything, closing packets, holding notes and attaching to gift bags. I usually stick wooden bunnies on them, but I'd never thought of colouring the peg itself.



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