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Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Make a Travel Tissue Cover

This tissue cover is so easy an EIGHT year old can make 9 of them in just over an hour!  She made one for each of her teachers, her grandmothers, her mother and one for herself!  (along with two pillows!  WOW!) And this was her first time to ever sew!!!  She did EVERYTHING, I just talked her through it.  You rock Nicole!!!

(I wrote a little more and added more pictures on today's blog 12/14/2010...here.)

In the video below I show you cutting the 1st sewn strip into 6" pieces, then pressing the seams..... It is MUCH FASTER if you press the seam (making the trim) BEFORE you cut the 6", that way you press all of them at once...MUCH FASTER!

WHEW!!!  I just watched this again (3 months later) and it is ROUGH!  I am so sorry!  I made it when I was learning how to use the camera and software so it is VERY CHOPPY!  Please forgive, I'll do it again as soon as there is time.

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