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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Make Fabric Yo-Yos

OK! FINALLY a new video! You would not believe how hard it is to get one posted sometimes!!! The first couple of videos I did I used MS Movie Maker... I had it as part of the bulk MS group so it was basically free. But, I make so many mistakes, and I tend to cough A LOT while I'm filming, so I really needed more editing capabilities to edit some of that mess out (you'll see, its kind of jerky, in places).... I did the next couple of videos using a trial version of Corel VideoStudio 3x... that worked well enough, so I felt it was worth the $50 it cost. WELLLLLL, WHAT A MESS! Apparently there is a conflict with it and ITunes!!! (???)... and other Adobe packages, so I had to delete those in order for Corel to work properly!!! ARGH!!!!

ANYWAY! Long story short... I worked on that mess ALL DAY yesterday! But, you know, that's OK, I am learning a lot as I go.

Now, on topic, today's video is on making fabric yo-yos. I'll do another some other time of how to use some... Please, enjoy

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