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Monday, October 18, 2010


When I first started this particular blog, it was for you, the casual stranger that fell upon my site.... but, this past week I decided that I really wanted to leave some of what I know to my six nieces... it is my way of leaving my legacy to them.  Only one of the six(Mattie) actually care right now, but you just never know when the others might be curious.... probably after I'm dead!  But, that's OK, it will be here if they do ever care.  Think how cool it will be to hear me after I'm gone! (something for you to consider with your family)

I am now 56 years old, going on 57 soon, so I have been doing some form of crafting for over 50 years!  Both of my grandmothers taught me their "craft", as did my mother.  My mother's mother taught me to sew, starting with hand sewing Barbie doll clothes before I was 10.  My Daddy's mother taught me "Drawn Work", a way of creating BEAUTIFUL lace within a piece of fabric.  My mother taught me hand embroidery.  That was their legacies to me, and I'm so glad that I have those gifts from them!

I took every Home Ec. class offered in school and then I majored in Home Economics Education in college.  I have done everything from stain glass, fired glass and fused glass to simple paperwork.   Really, the only thing that I never loved enough to learn, was knitting and crocheting! Don't look for that here, I don't know how to do either well enough to show anyone "how to"!  

Anyway, that's a LOT of learning in 50+ years! The plan here is to share some of what I have learned in all that time.  There won't be a focus on any one thing like card making, you just never know what might show up here!

So, here's the deal .... 

If you are not one of my six girls you are still welcome, but, please understand that I may seem to be talking directly to them, and you may see some things that you can find on other websites, but I want a consolidated location for my girls. 

I will still offer things for sale here because I have LOTS to sale and it makes most sense to do it here. 

Please enjoy!

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