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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patterns To Color

You know, there is absolutely no reason to buy any digital background anymore!  There is a way to make it yourself, with just a few clicks, somewhere "out there" on the web...there's a place to make plaid (see yesterday), stripes, and today I found THE background site!  OH MERCY!  I have been there for the last EIGHT HOURS!!! It is www.ColourLovers.com .   WARNING!  Once you get there you may not be able to leave!

There are almost 17,000 patterns already and you can make your own!  The first three below were there already,  I just chose the colors (the pattern determines what will be the same color) and notice, once you color, you name the pattern/color combination

I created the next pattern myself, and colored it twice. Now that I have created the pattern it is out there for anyone else to color.  It took a while to figure out how to create an original pattern and I THINK you are limited to the little clip art (like the daisy shape) that they provide so it looks kind of "cookie cutter" but this is yet another challenge... how to make a pattern like the ones above ....for another day.

Same thing only different

OR...your third option is to just download any already created and colored pattern on the site!  They are there for the taking, FREE!

OH! OH!  And get this!  They are partnered with a company , called Spoonflower, that will make your design into a piece of fabric!  How cool is that!

In Action:


  1. You are awesome Nancy! P.S. 'Thank you' for the Sweet thank yous - Hope your toe is feeling better!

  2. Hi Rene'! THANKS!!! And my toe is all better! Still purple, but ZERO pain...I went straight to sleep after that email and my toe hasn't hurt since!! Thanks for asking.


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