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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Every Weekend....

Skillet is a 3 year old German Shepherd in need of a home.  Yesterday he lived in Kentucky, tonight he will call Florida home...for a while anyway, until someone adopts him...he is headed for his foster home tonight.  It has taken 4 cars of volunteer drivers to get him down to Florida.  

My friend Andrea does this all the time, it was my first trip...I was just curious.  We left Atlanta at Noon on our way to the Tennessee Welcome Center in Chattanooga, TN. where we would meet up with the 2nd car (we were the 3rd) and take him back to Atlanta to meet the 4th car.  I took pictures of our little portion:

 Getting out of car #2

Now he is with us, in #3


 STINKY breath!  He stood in the middle the whole trip so I got a good, loooong smell of that breath!

 Here at last, back in Atlanta, the round trip took 3.5 hours and a tank of gas... time to get OUT of the car!

And into the 4th car....

Awwwww... its a cage this time... don't love that....

And this happens every weekend all over the country!  Volunteers meeting up and driving for hours to take animals to their next home.  Seems like a really nice thing to do to save an animal...but I don't understand why someone if Florida is saving a Kentucky dog when I'm sure Florida has PLENTY to save ????   That part really confuses me, but there must be a good reason so many folks are willing to help in the effort!... I'm just not "in the know" ... ??? 

 BUT, here's hoping that Skillet finds a good family to love him and treat him well!

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