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Friday, March 4, 2011

Faux Laser Cut Monogram

I Wonder If ??? ... That really should be the name of my blog because that's what I am forever doing!  I wake up in the morning with that thought... "I wonder if..... this or that will work".... and then I give it a try.  I did that with two different things today (yesterday now, its after midnight here) I'll show you one now and the other one when I get some pictures taken... 

"I wonder if..... I can make a cardstock monogram using my cutter?
 Hummmmm.... sure I can! Add a frame,  move a few nodes,  break the right ones apart and join them to different ones, then cut!... and here you have it! ... My very own faux laser cut monogram

Hummmmm?????  Now what???!  Really, what is it good for?  Pretty, but fragile... hummmmm...

So, I tried hanging it....

OK... but not too exciting.... but ya know.... if I hadn't made it myself, it would probably make a nice something for someone.

The only other thing I came up with, was a card....naturally.... but, again, pretty fragile for a card.  I could sandwich it in acrylic but I could have saved the effort of the frame and just cut the vinyl and stuck it to the acrylic...that would actually make a beautiful card...but there's zero thinking required... boring....

ANYWAY, here is the card, but I'm gonna be thinkin' on what else???  Ideas???  OU!  How pretty would it be for place cards at a wedding!...smaller of course!

Just had a thought... wouldn't a whole name cut with an open pattern inside the letters be pretty?!  That may have to be my next...wonder it?

This blogging thing is really funny... you get to read what is going off in my brain as you read!

OK, well, have a great day/night, all... I'm off!

There is now a "Part Two" Click HERE to see that.


  1. Stunning delicate work.
    I smiled at your 'I Wonder If' line
    Keep smiling and making the wonder real!!

  2. I love your idea, it is beautiful. If possible, could you please explain how you did this. This would make a lovely card set. Thank you

  3. Hi peps!
    Thanks so much. the main reason I didn't explain better is that I figured it was too software specific. I don't use one of the common cutters, I have a Roland and it comes with its own software package, CutStudio. I can give you what I did, but you would have to adapt it to your software.

    1. I typed my initials using "Vine Monograms Solid" TTF.
    2. My software has a "Merge Overlapping Text" feature so I did that next...so everywhere the letters touched it automatically connected them.
    3. I then converted the text to "polyline" ... the software's name for changing it from text to lines with nodes
    4. I drew a oval around the letters, letting the letters touch the oval in as many places as possible, making it as stable as possible.
    5. I double clicked on the oval and that automatically added a node to the oval close to where it touched a letter.
    6. I then right clicked on the node to get a "Divide the Point" on the menu...
    7. I divided the point... then added another point on the oval close to the other side of the letter where it was touching. and "divided that point"
    8 You can now select one of the nodes between those two spots and delete the little short portion of line that was created between the nodes you created.
    9. Now, on the letter you do basically the same thing except there will be a bunch of nodes between where you want the letter to "connect" on the left side and on the right side. You can select all of those nodes and just delete them...this will create a straight line on you letter.
    10 Now you can repeat steps 6 and 7 on the letter.
    11. Repeat everywhere the letters touch the oval.

    Basically what you have just done is eliminate the cut where the letter and oval meet so they are now "connected"

    12. draw another oval around the outside creating the frame around the letters.


    EASY! EASY! but kinda time consuming.
    Good luck!

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