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Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring in Atlanta! Never Be Without A Camera...

I was out and about today...THIS is why you should always have your camera in the car with you!  I took all of these from my car (except the white flower close up)

Ya know, I've never been a bird watcher...or especially loved pictures of birds but since I got my new camera and can zoom in like this!  I LOVE PICTURES OF BIRDS! They don't get spooked because I'm so far away that they don't know I'm there...LOVE IT!  I'm afraid you will probably be seeing more :-)  

Heck!  You can even read the text on the side of the bird bath and I was at least 75 feet away!  
Can you tell I've never had a really good camera before?!  Now I WANT to take pictures!

All the flowers you see above are all gone now...it doesn't take long! ....but, here are some that are blooming this week.  I have NO CLUE what any of them are, except the dogwood...but aren't they beautiful!  This is the second round of all white, yellow and pink/purple flowers!

 Up Close

Up Close:

And Dogwood!!  My Favorite!  This is just from one single tree in my yard...I need to go to West Paces Ferry where it always looks like all the trees are covered with snow there are so many!

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